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Parting Out my 1998 Jaguar XJ8 (X308)

Hello, welcome to Jaguar Mi .com. My name is Brad (Jagbear as nicknamed by a former partner). I have been a Jaguar dealer parts guy for several years and a lifelong fan of the marque. I have owned a few Jaguars starting with the 1980s Series III sedans so if your Jaguar has a seventeen-digit VIN, I am familiar with the parts for it.

This domain used to point to my favourite local dealership but now I need to put it to use for me. It is with a tinge of sadness that I believe the time has come to part out my 1998 XJ8 (X308) with 190k plus miles as there is rust in the left front wheel well and more seriously the jacking point! The logistics of parting it out are much easier whilst it can still go on the lift!

Since I currently own a 1998 XK8 coupe & convertible many of the drivetrain and some other parts, notably brake & suspension, are spoken for! However, anything not common to XK8 is available if not already sold. My goal is to sell those parts for a reasonable price, more competitive than the likes of LKQ to help my fellow Jaguar enthusiasts keep their cars going because, let us face it, support from Jaguar corporate for these classic models leaves a great deal to be desired currently.

To assist in finding what one needs, I highly recommend the: official Jaguar parts catalogues

Here are some of the items we have available on eBay, or you can:

VCATS label explanation:
A frequent question I am asked concerning used parts, especially electronic modules, is how to determine the precise part number one needs. For this we need to consult the VCATS label (such as the example shown here), which can be found in the trunk (or boot if you prefer). One will likely need to look under the carpet in the spare wheel well.
Let's take a look at the body processor module (BPM), part# LNC2500CE/017 as an example as this is a part sometimes sought. The first section, LNC2500 denotes the basic part number, in this case a BPM. The next two letters CE tell us two things - the letter 'C' designates the major specification, such as the market the car was built for and/or whether it's LHD/RHD or possibly the wheelbase (LWB/SWB). One needs to make sure that number matches so in our used parts search we are seeking LNC2500Cx/xxx
The letter after the 'C' is not critical to match. It is the super session indicator so in theory one could find matching modules with letters anywhere from A-Z in that position thus if one has to choose from CB or CE, then pick the latter which would be the newer version. Finally, we need to know what the three numbers after the oblique (/) mean. In this example we have 017 which designates the level of programming the module has. Like the major specification level, the letter 'C', we need to make sure this number matches our donor part. So, in summary, for this car we would be seeking a BPM with part number LNC2500Cx/017. We're not too concerned about the value of X.