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There are numerous places to purchase TR7 and TR8 parts thus at Wedgeparts we have decided to concentrate our efforts on our core business of supplying parts for which we have proprietary tooling rights and/or are generally not available from other sources.

Tell us which parts you would like to see reintroduced!

TR7, TR8 floor pan plug (thicker than original, wont rust or bend as easily)
TR7, TR8 door handle buffer
learn more
$6.75 each

'well nut', TR7, TR8 windscreen washer pump
$2.25 each

TR7, TR8 door handle gasket - rubber
We decided to have these made of rubber rather than plastic as other vendors offer. The original ones were essentially made of paper! The problem with the plastic design is that they cause the handle to protrude too much since the door skin pressing of the TR7/8 is not designed to accomodate the thicker plastic version intended for Range Rover etc.
$2.95 each

Jaguar XK8 roof console bracket (coupe)
This item is no longer available from Jaguar so we are investigating having it remanufactured.
Currently, we are having difficulty finding a good enough sample for our tool & die person to replicate
This part is under development.
TR7, TR8 seat bolt (shallow hex, black finish)
Throttle body gasket - TR7 fuel injection

ZKC1219 ZKC1220 ZKC1221 ZKC1222
TR7 TR8 heater knobs
Unlike more expensive reproductions on the market, these are injection molded using plastic and incorporate the metal retention clip like the originals, however production constraints dictated that the arrows are flush & not raised as original. In England & EEC countries these are available exclusively through our UK partner Robsport
These parts are not currently available.

These parts were made in China. We refuse to deal with China anymore.

TR7, TR8 door mirror gasket (rubber rather than paper)
$2.95 each

TR7 TR8 fuel line clip
This part is not currently available.

Tooling Issue.

These parts were made in China. We refuse to deal with China anymore.
Garage Clearout: new old stock (NOS) & clearance. Quantities limited, when they're gone; they're gone!
No time for pictures. Check part numbers are correct for your application. All genuine Jaguar parts unless stated otherwise.

trunk / boot release lever, series III NLS
bonnet badge/emblem gasket, XJS
door mirror gasket, series III XJ6 XJ12
rubber blanking plug, 2" E-type XKE series 1.5, II and III
marker light gasket, XJ6, XJ12, E-type series 3
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