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MGTF - DOT (FMVSS) requirements

Since the mid Sixties, the United States through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has specified various standards that car manufacturers must adhere to if they wanted to sell their products in the USA. Until recently there was a huge difference between cars produced for the American market versus those for the rest of the World in terms of safety standards and exhaust emissions. However, that situation has changed significantly in the past five to ten years especially with regard to cars produced for the European market.

The fact is that the MG TF has been crash tested by the European NCAP and awarded a four star rating. Their findings are shown below.

This table compares the MG TF crash data (model year 2003, vin SARRDLBPC3D609539 onwards) to several other cars that are sold in the US market. Among cars in its class (roadsters) it equalled or bettered every other car in the side impact test and made a very respectable showing in the frontal test, especially compared with the new VW Beetle which is available in the USA.
NHTSA (star ratings)
Front Impact
Side Impact
front driver
front passenger
side driver
Audi TT
no data
no data
Honda S2000
Mazda MX-5
Mercedes SLK
no data
no data
no data
VW Beetle
FMVSS No. Description Year(s) Complies  Changes Research Notes
as built required pending
101 Controls & displays X
102 Trans shift & interlock X
103 Defrost / demisters X
104 Wipers / washers X
105 braking systems X
106 brake hoses X
108  lamps & reflectors X
109 tyres X US sourced
110 tyre selection X
111 rear view mirrors X
113 bonnet latch systems X
114 theft protection X
116 brake fluids X US sourced
118 power windows X
119 tyres X US sourced
124 accelerator controls X
129 non pneumatic tires X full size spare
135 brake systems X
201 occupant protection-interior X
202 head restraints X
203 driver steering impact X
204 steering column rear displace X
205 glazing materials X
206  door locks & latches X
207 seat integrity X
208 occupant crash protection X pass SRS cutoff
209 seatbelts
210 seat belt achorages X
212  windscreen mounting X
214 side impact protections X
219 windscreen zone intrusion X
301 fuel system integrity X
302 flammability interior materials X
531 CAFE standards X
541 theft protection X
555 temporary exemptions
564 replacement light source X
565 VIN content X
573 defect reports X
577 defect notiification
581 bumper standard X
583 parts content labeling X

Replace speedometer with US-model component Replace headlight assemblies with US-model component Install US-model front and rear sidemarkers Replace tail light assemblies with US-model component Install US-model 3rd Brakelight Replace passenger side mirror with US-model component Install US-model key-ignition warning buzzer Reprogram the power window system to US-Specs Replace or modify door locks to met US-Specs Install seat belt micro-switch & warning buzzer Install US-model seat belt Install US-model Airbag-components [if not already so equipped] Install US-model knee bolsters [if not already so equipped] Perform engineering evaluation on door impact strength Modify and reinforce doors to comply with engineering Install a rollover valve in the fuel vent line Perform engineering evaluations on bumper strength Modify and reinforce bumpers to comply with engineering Install a vehicle identification number (VIN) plate Install VIN location label Install certification label Install tire information label Purchase DOT warranty insurance Photograph all original & modified parts [approx. 70 pics.] Document photographs to substantiate compliance Submit statement of conformity & compliance package to DOT in Washington Pay DOT eligibility fee Prepare vehicle and customs documents Prepare required package to obtain a US-Title