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MGTF - Official Importation
A person wishing to import a car into the USA must, under contract with an idependent firm authorized by the NHTSA and known as a registered importer (RI), prove to the NHTSA and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the car meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). If the car in question is not similar to a model already sold in the USA, the process is more difficult. I have approached a handful of RI's and been told that it is not possible to import such a car, but when one reads the NHTSA web site they leave the issue open to interpretation. The NHTSA states: Where there is no substantially similar U.S.- certified motor vehicle of the same model year, a vehicle can only be determined eligible for importation if its safety features comply with or are capable of being altered to comply with all applicable FMVSS based on destructive test information or other evidence NHTSA decides is adequate. RI's that I have spoken with so far tell me that the NHTSA will only accept crash data from American tests, but that is not specifically stated in the preceding quote.

I should point out that the MGF's we are seeking to import are post 2003 models. These models are all available with (or have as standard equipment) dual airbags, seat belt pretensioners and side impact beams in the doors, which are core FMVSS requirements. Earlier models lack some or all of these safety features and would be inadmissable for importation. Fair enough, I can accept that. However, what is not acceptable is the attitude that late models produced to current European standards are somehow inferior just because the tests have not taken place in the USA. Friends, if we want MGF's in the USA, this is what we need to overcome and it may well take a massive letter, fax, telephone, email campaign to your Federal Congress person. The NHTSA's motto is "people saving people". Well, they are also people serving people, namely us the American taxpayer and perhaps your Congressional representative needs to be reminded of that. Please contact me (Brad Wilson) at: with your comments and suggestions

One RI lists some other items that may need attention:
the minimum requirements for the speedo is that it shows both KM and Miles and that the odometer is labeled that it is in KM, " DOT" needs to be on, and might need replacing, would be lights and lenses, windows, tires and rims and brake lines. Air bags and shoulder belts. "Objects are Closer Than They Appear" needs to be on the passenger side mirror. It will need a high mounted third brake light. The bumper needs shock type supports & steel reinforcement beams. The power windows need to be inoperative when the key is in the off position.