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MGF Cars: Suspension Options
The biggest technical issue facing MGF owners concerns the suspension. The original Hydragas, whilst highly acclaimed when new is now problematic owing to lack of spare parts supply. The interim solution of a coil spring retrofit (essentially a coil in a coffee can, CIAC) proved disappointing. Whilst the CIAC restored ride height and performed adequately over relatively smooth surfaces, many owners (ourselves included) found it harsh and noisy when the road surface deteriorated. Those on forums with technical backgrounds suggested that it is not possible to engineer a coil spring that could do all it needs to do in such a confined space.
MGF owners were thus in a bad situation with many either mothballing, or worse scrapping their cars. Until recently. Now, MGF guru in England, Mike Satur, has come up with what appears to be a brilliant solution for MGF owners worldwide to hopefully solve the suspension problem once & for all. At MGF Cars Canada, we have not yet tried this promising new kit but we certainly plan to in the near future!
Hydragas Repair Attempt We started to investigate Hydragas repair but initial attempts proved unsuccessful. Others have reported success but we are now mothballing this project.
Suplex (CIAC) Option We also tried the leading CIAC kit on the market. Results were less than impressive in terms of driveability (in fact the springs inside the coffee cans are downright noisy) and perhaps the greatest fear of the CIAC kits is damage to the BIW (body in white) because the upper damper mounting points of MGF's were never designed to accomodate the stresses such a setup places upon them.
Mike Satur Optimal Soution

Until recently, there was no great solution. Like many MGF owners we were about to say FCCKit. Well, we are going to but not in the way one might be thinking! FCCKit is the acronym for the new MGF Coil Conversion Kit by MGF guru, Mike Satur over in England, which we believe will solve the achilles heel of the otherwise awesome MGF for good.
Although we have yet to try one (we certainly will), this looks like a really nice solution. The aforementioned concern of BIW damage is eliminated because the original damper mounting points are no longer used. Cost is competitive with the inferior CIAC kits both in terms of parts pricing and likely labour (if one cannot DIY fit) as fitting the FCCKit appears not much different than a CIAC kit.