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Triumph TR8 GM throttle body fuel injection (TBI) conversion
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Fuel Return Line
Almost all fuel injection systems require a means of returning excess fuel to the tank. Fortunately, there is still a relatively good supply of factory return lines (PKC381) available, and they can easily be retrofitted to carburettor cars. On a genuine TR8, it is necessary to:
  1. Remove left side exhaust intermediate pipe & front muffler.
  2. Remove three rivets securing heat shield to gearbox tunnel of left side (N.B. it should NOT be necessary to remove the gearbox!)
  3. Support gearbox with floor jack and remove gearbox crossmember
  4. It should now be possible to insert the pipe assembly into place behind the heatshield, and fasten it with two plastic pipe clips (150930) to the existing bracket welded to the body beneath the handbrake lever.
  5. Resecure the heatshield with new rivets and refit the gearbox crossmember.
  6. The exhaust can also be refitted at this time, but one might want to hold off, since it will be necessary to remove the left hand catalyst to install weld in a fitting for the oxygen sensor.
  7. To connect the return line to the tank (on a genuine TR8 with a two hole tank), we suggest replacing the fuel level sensor with the earlier style (TKC3408) which incorporates a suction tube, since it will fit that hole precisely.
  8. Since the TBI system uses a high pressure external electric pump, the low pressure in-tank pump is no longer required. The framework can be gutted of the old pump & wires, and used as a fuel return inlet.
  9. The fuel line can be secured at the firewall with a third plastic pipe clip, a one inch square right angle bracket (available from hardware stores) and a short 6mm bolt which threads into an existing tapping on the firewall.

PKC381 fuel return line 150930 fuel line clip (3reqd.)