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Triumph TR8 GM throttle body fuel injection (TBI) conversion
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Air Cleaner

As with the four barrel conversion, we have not found a satisfactory air cleaner on the market, thus we decided to fabricate an adaptor to enable the original air cleaners to be reused. Unlike a carburettor, all of the devices that protrude from the TBI unit are below the air cleaner flange, thus enabling this adaptor to be a simple box construction. It remains to be seen whether this design will present any negative airflow characteristics.

Switching to the modifed factory manifold required a different approach to mounting the air cleaner adaptor. We decided to replace two of the throttle body mounting bolts with studs that extend up to the top of the air cleaner adaptor. We then drilled two holes in the top of the adaptor and secured it with two barrel nuts.

If you don't have the original air cleaners, one alternative might be Holley's side draft air cleaner which is available from Jegs under p/n 510-64280, but at over $200 it is a little pricey.