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Cars for Sale 01.JUN.24 We are in the process of adding more photos to the car database amd making the images on the search results page clickable to display larger photos in new windows.
Announcement 01.JUN.24 Official importation of remaining Canadian stock was completed in late 2021 - delayed by a further year owing to the plandemic. We have a couple of cars remaining and do not plan to acquire more stock unless the business model (drastically) improves.
Announcement 20.JUL.19 With the MGF nearing the 25th anniversary, we are scaling back our Canadian operations. We have ceased the expense of OMVIC registration along with maintaining commercial premises & insurance. Future sales will be personal transfers of cars titled to Brad.
MGF Suspension 27.JAN.18 *** VERY PROMISING NEWS ***
English MGF guru, Mike Satur appears to have solved the biggest technical issue plaguing MGF owners - what to do about the suspension.
MGF Links 27.JAN.18 Updated numerous links.
Left Hand Drive (LHD) conversion 22.JUN.13 Left Hand Drive (LHD) conversion: Our second LHD conversion is now complete.
Parts Project Suggestions 20.MAY.13 Many people have expressed interest in seeing the MGF instrument binnacle made available as a separate part. Part numbers FAR100080 (RHD) and FAR100090 (LHD) are marked on the parts. Initially depending on tooling cost & demand the part may only be available in RHD form. As every MGF owner is aware these have a habit of breaking in the area of the forward mounting lugs, therefore we intend to make sure our replacement injection molded part is suitably reinforced in this area. We are currently getting a tooling quote from our usual injection molding firm as they have done splendid work for us previously. We also plan to make the new part so that it can be affixed with the fascia insitu using 'rivnuts' or via traditional means for those that wish to remove the fascia & drill access holes in the ductwork.
Parts Project Suggestions 17.JUN.12 We have added a new page for MGF enthusiasts to tell us which parts they think need to be reintroduced. We cannot promise that every request will be acted upon, but if the demand is there and the part can be made within budget we will do so. Our previous parts remanufacturing projects for TR7, TR8 and even Jaguar XJ-S items have been quite successful.
Left Hand Drive (LHD) conversion 30.MAY.12 Left Hand Drive (LHD) conversion: Our pilot LHD conversion is now well underway. The project was delayed slightly by having a lift installed at our Nashville workshop where the conversion is taking place. We hope to have it completed sometime during June 2012.
Announcement 14.FEB.10 After a long fifteen year wait, Canadian MG enthusiasts now have reason to celebrate: The first MGF models are approaching their fifteenth anniversary (import eligibility is determined by production date) which means that provided Transport Canada does not ruin the party by changing the rules in the middle of the game, it will now be possible to import these great little sports cars into Canada with only minor modifications required. However, we urge everyone interested in owning a safe, modern & environmentally friendly MG to join the ranks of the IVOAC and get involved to make sure the fifteen year rule is not increased.